26 February 2011

How to Make a Damped Sinusoidal Source in PSPICE

So, I have been trying to verify my work recently...since I am now in the realm where solutions manuals are sparse and most problems are the product of a 30 year professor's imagination.

With that, I had a network that had a damped sinusoidal source and I wanted to verify my calculations.  What to do?
  • Select the VSIN source from the SOURCE library
  • Select the source (it should turn pink)
  • Right click and select Edit Properties (or you could just double click the source)
  • There are a few parameters you should be concerned with: DF, FREQ, PHASE, and VAMPL.
  • If you're source looks like A*e^-Ct*cos(wt + phi) then you can update these values in the Property Editor:
  • DF = C (don't put a negative, PSPICE assumes that the "damping factor" is the coefficient of the "e" exponent)
  • VAMPL = A
  • FREQ = w/(2*pi)
  • PHASE = phi +/- 90 (if your source is a cosine)
  • DONE!
 Now, you may have some other parameters that you need to update and that's fine.  This post isn't meant to be a tell all for sources.  However, the golden nugget of information is the DF parameter in the VSIN source.  If you have a better or alternative way then please leave a comment.

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