This isn't really a disclaimer, just a way for me to explain the purpose of all the links in my free music posts.
Know This: Some people are evil.  There is nothing I can do about that.

Do This: Click at your own risk.

Still interested?  Well, read on, my friend...

I created a program that grabs the top 40 artists played on Alt Nation (a Sirius XM channel) from a website and then runs a Google search on each of those artists in an attempt to find free music from the artist.

This program exists because I know that many artists have changed gears and want to freely distribute their music--the problem is finding it.

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Here are some notes about the post.


--This list is not intended to find places to 'steal' music, only to find sites that provide free songs __from__ the artist.  While I can't guarantee this intention will be satisfied, I can state it.

--If you use this list and find a site that does not provide free music from the original artist, please leave me a comment so I can exclude it from future searches. I have already excluded __many__ sites that are "no-good" (e.g. rapid anything or lime anything).

--The bands are retrieved from dogstarradio.com.  These are the top 40 bands played on Alt Nation on Sirius satellite radio.  They f_ing rock.

--The list is compiled using a python script thanks to the xgoogle library and a continuously evolving search string.  You can download the source for the python script here.

--I will update this post as often as I'd like to improve my output...or if you have a particular request.
            ...::Here we go::...

            [image source: modrojezero.org]